V2 Kibo And Wally 1 Receiver

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Our wireless keypad also is a fabulous option to have on your garage door or gate. With its back-lit buttons and updated numeric radio keypad, V2 KIBO can control up to 3 receivers, such as those used to automate gates.  Safety in any electric roller door begins with the ‘dead man’ switch which this keypad offers. This means that the person operating the door maintains 100% responsibility as the switch must be held down constantly in order to work. This ensures that the unfortunate safety instances can be avoided.

No more wires!

The KIBO Keypad can be programmed as easily as a remote control because it interacts with V2 radio receivers. It provides the highest level of protection because of its special master code, which can only be changed or cancelled by the installer.

Battery powered.

The keypad’s sensor, which only turns on the keyboard backlight in low light, ensures great operational autonomy (estimated battery life: 2 years with an average of 10 transmissions per day in normal environmental conditions)


The keypad is a masterful fusion of strength and aesthetically pleasing design, which is well recognised to be the primary focus of its creator, V2 Automation. Maximum anti-vandal protection and simple installation are guaranteed by its base metal protective structure.

The V2 Wally is an outdoor receiver which allows you to expand your automation range. It operates with Royal or Personal Pass series transmitters: the first remote control to be memorised determines the mode of operation; Royal or Personal Pass. The V2 Wally comes in a 1, 2 or 4 channel version with a possibility to store up to 1008 different codes.

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